The transparency you need is now at your fingertips.

AKJ OpTracker, our online back office portal, makes managing the post-execution process simpler than ever. Here’s how.

Easy access

Log in securely via our website any time any place for all the information you need about your trades, including trade details, trade confirmations and commission management reports.

High-level summaries

As soon as you log in, AKJ OpTracker presents you with a high level summary of your activities and account structure, including an account overview and your latest trade confirmations.

Trade history

AKJ OpTracker stores the details of all your executed trades, going back to your very first trade with us. You can search using different variables, such as trade or settlement date, currency, market or symbol. You can also download any trade confirmation in any format, including PDF and Excel.


Need your trade confirmations or reports to include an additional piece of information? Not a problem. Just ask. We can tailor reporting to fit your needs.