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Our Team

  • Jensen Anders1 169
    Anders Kvamme Jensen Founder & Chairman Anders is the founder of AK Jensen and works closely with the subsidiaries on both strategic and financial matters.
  • Tom Mackay 20 7 18 002
    Tom Mackay General Counsel Tom was Head of Legal Department of the London Stock Exchange at a time when it also carried out much of the regulatory function now carried out by the FCA, and heads up the legal product.
  • Neal Mitra New Torso 3 2
    Neal Mitra CEO Crypto Hub Neal, among the world’s foremost experts on digital assets, leads AKJ’s crypto team.
  • Åslund Oskar 3 2
    Oskar Åslund Director of Business Development Oskar specialises in the intersecting field where finance meets blockchains and has been a driving force for the use and understanding blockchain technology in Norway.
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AKJ Token Redefining Value Creation

AKJ Token represents a stake in AKJ Crypto, the foremost platform for hedge funds trading digital assets, and acts as a unit of a crypto fund of funds.

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