Open, scalable, independent and flexible trading system.

We know you’ve got a way of doing things. You may have legacy systems and preferred trading system providers. That’s why AKJ ExNet is open and scalable, independent and flexible. You can select any of our system providers or have us connect to your preferred third-party system. And our back-end can be customised to deliver a single consolidated report in a format of your choice.

Let’s talk for a moment about the technology behind AKJ ExNet.

It’s customisable.

You decide what trading system you’d like to use to place your orders. We can customise AKJ ExNet to interface with your existing trading and back-end systems. In fact, AKJ ExNet works with a wide array of trading systems and is compatible with most destinations, connectivity systems, price feeds and clearing agents.

It’s flexible.

All inputs and outputs can be translated into client or market-specific nomenclature. This means unique internal identifications can be easily translated to meet external requirements.

It’s independent.

AKJ ExNet is structured to be independent. We allow you to connect to non-AKJ agency destinations and providers at no charge. With one connection you can trade on all markets, choose between different destinations, automate your own trading, rebalance, and offer remote access to your end-clients – without the burden of integration.

It’s tested.

AKJ ExNet’s reliability and flexibility has been field-tested and proven. It has provided global connectivity to institutional clients since 1998.

It reports in real-time.

Customers can choose to receive back office reports in real-time or at the end of the day via email, file transfer or web access.