NextGen Confirmation of Investor Categorisation


Please select one of the below categorisation options:

Sophisticated Person

I am a Per Se Sophisticated Person as I fulfill one of the four below definitions:

(a) Regulated by the Authority (CIMA);

(b) Regulated by a recognized overseas regulatory authority;

(c) An entity, any of whose securities are listed on a recognized securities exchange;

(d) I by virtue of knowledge and experience in financial and business matters is reasonably to be regarded as capable of evaluating the merits of a proposed transaction and participates in a transaction with a value or in monetary amounts of at least $80,000 in the case of each single transaction.

High Net Worth Person

I would like to be categorized as an High Net Worth Individual because I meet at least one of the following criteria:

(a) the amount of my total assets is not less than CI$ 4,000,000 or its equivalent in any other currency;

(b) I am an individual with a net worth of at least CI$ 800,000 or its equivalent in any other currency (net worth means the excess of asset over liabilities).

Non of the above

I do not fulfill any of the Per Se Sophisticated Person or High Net Worth Person definitions described above:

Please note that Fund documentation can only be sent a Sophisticated Person or High Net Worth Person, as defined by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority in the Securities Investment Business Act. You will also need to meet the rules of a qualified investor as defined in your local jurisdiction.

Please tick one of the 3 appropriate boxes below that fits your circumstances before signing at the end of the document:

We are unable to send any information to investors who are not considered qualified investors under the relevant criteria.

Some things are easier to explain face to face.

You are now being re-directed to AKJc PLC, a non-regulated entity. You will not have the benefit of being able to rely on any statutory compensation schemes.