About AK Jensen

AK Jensen is unique, a hybrid; global brokerage, software company, and a hedge fund specialist.

We are three things; but we couldn’t be one without the others.

  • Our origins in brokerage give us the knowledge, experience, and insight to connect our hedge fund clients with what they need; global markets, prime brokers, products and liquidity.
  • Our proprietary technology and understanding of software give us the ability to customise clients’ global order routing structures.
  • Our sophisticated hedge fund expertise helps ensure that clients meet, at all times, the twin challenges of greater regulatory pressure and increasing investor demand.

And our independence and flexibility mean we’re free from bias, cronyism or reciprocal interests. We focus simply on tailoring the best possible solutions for our clients.

Our offices

Welcome to our world. Our global support staff is ready to connect you.



Our management

Meet our managers.

Anders Kvamme Jensen
Chairman & CEO
AK Jensen Group Limited

Anders is the founder of AK Jensen and works closely with the subsidiaries on both strategic and financial matters. He has been instrumental in attracting top global talent to the board, which since its inception has developed strategies to enable the company to deliver continuous growth. Anders is also a director of AK Jensen Investment Management Limited, AK Jensen Inc. and AK Jensen Limited, each wholly owned subsidiaries of the company.

In 1995, Anders established the US FINRA brokerage AK Jensen Inc. In 1998, in partnership with Leif H. Olsen, former Chief Economist of Citibank, he founded the AKJ Hedge Fund. In 2002, he established the UK FCA brokerage AK Jensen Limited and in 2003, formed the group company AK Jensen Group Limited.

Anders holds a degree in business administration from the University of Denver and special student studies from Harvard University.

Sean Fitzgerald
CEO & Head of Business Development
AK Jensen IM Limited

As Director of European Sales at eXGEN Securities, Sean marketed independent research and brokerage services to institutional clients. Prior to that, he was VP, Portfolio Trading Sales, at Bear Stearns International, which he joined after his tenure at Instinet UK as Head of Portfolio Trading Sales and Manager of Trading Research.  In these positions, he marketed portfolio trading and electronic connectivity and provided transaction cost analysis services across Europe to institutions, hedge funds and brokers.

Sean holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School, where he graduated as a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma international honor society and a B.S. in marketing from Rutgers College. He is a member of the CFA Institute/UKSIP and is a CFA charterholder.

In 2004, Sean joined AK Jensen Limited.  He was made Head of Business Development in 2005 and assumed the Chief Executive Officer position of the company in 2006.

Kieren McCormack
CEO & Head of Prime Services
AK Jensen Limited

Kieren spent over 20 years at Credit Suisse London in a variety of roles ranging from operations to senior management. In 2004, Kieren was made Director of Prime Services Coverage before taking on the role as Managing Director in 2012 responsible for European Prime Services Sales and Coverage. According to Eurohedge, Credit Suisse was the largest Prime Broker in Europe by assets for several years under Kieren’s leadership. Through his interaction with many of the largest European and US hedge funds as well as hedge fund start-ups, Kieren developed a unique insight in the prime brokerage and hedge fund industry.

Kieren joined AK Jensen Limited as CEO and Head of Prime Services in 2017.

Tom Mackay
General Counsel
AK Jensen Group Limited

Tom was Head of Legal Department of the London Stock Exchange at a time when it also carried out much of the regulatory function now carried out by the FCA. He is a corporate/commercial lawyer with considerable international and financial services experience. Tom has over 38 years’ experience as a Solicitor mainly as a partner in international law firms in the City and was also Head of Legal Department at 3i plc at a time when it grew to be the biggest VC in Europe. For many years he was a partner in Curtis, an international law firm headquartered in New York with 14 offices in 10 jurisdictions, where he often acted for government entities around the world. In 2011he established Mackay Carter Shaw LLP. As well as having a law degree and an MBA Tom is also a Certified Hedge Fund Professional.

Tom has acted as the main legal adviser to AK Jensen for more than 12 years. He became the General Counsel at AK Jensen Group Limited with the introduction of the AKJ Accelerator hedge fund platform.

Svend Erik Enger
Chief Operating Officer
AK Jensen Limited

In 1989, Svend Erik began his career in risk management at Vesta Dial insurance in Norway and joined the futures and options department at Finansbroker in 1994.

He holds a Series 4, Series 7 and Series 24 from the National Association of Securities Dealers.

In 1995, Svend Erik became the third employee of AKJ, acting as Head of Compliance and Systems Development. He assumed the Chief Operating Officer position in 2000 and became President of AK Jensen Inc. in 2007, and Executive Director of AK Jensen Group Limited in 2008.

Felicity Guttormsen
Executive Vice President Fund Coordination
AK Jensen Limited

Felicity holds a Masters in Business and Finance from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. She started her career in the Information Department of the EU Delegation in Oslo, Norway, working on economic, commercial and political issues.

Felicity joined AK Jensen Limited as an Associate in the Operations department in 2003 and was promoted to Head of Operations in 2005. She assumed the current position of Executive Vice President in 2011, responsible for the Fund Coordination team.

Anita Langfoss
Financial Director
AK Jensen Limited

In 1994, Anita co-founded Securion AS before she became the Chief Financial Officer of a major venture development company, where she and the management team worked in partnership with entrepreneurs to develop and transform early stage businesses for high value growth.

Anita holds a Master of Science from the Norwegian School of Management.

Anita joined AKJ in 2001 as Financial Director.

Jan Ketil Dale
Managing Director Nordic
AK Jensen Limited

Jan Ketil established the Norwegian operations for the Swedish financial information company Ecovision AB in 1995. He subsequently founded Instore Communication AS delivering digital in-store communication systems.

Jan Ketil joined AK Jensen in 2000 and assumed his current position as Managing Director Nordic of AK Jensen Limited in 2014.

Jan Ketil holds a Master of Business and Marketing from Oslo Business School, Norway.

Alfredo Orrego
Managing Director Client Acquisition
AK Jensen Limited

Formerly with Merrill Lynch Private Bank in Switzerland, Alfredo previously held positions with the U.N.

A polyglot, Alfredo most likely speaks your language. He also holds an MSc in International Affairs and a Series 7 from the National Association of Securities Dealers.

In 2001, he joined AK Jensen as Relationship Manager and assumed the position of Head of Brokerage Sales in 2003, and became Managing Director in 2012.

Geir Arne Skundberg
Head of Execution Services
AK Jensen Limited

Geir Arne holds a MA (Hons) in Business and Finance from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

Geir Arne started his career as a Financial Analyst with Reuters Research in Edinburgh covering the Nordic region.

In 2004, Geir Arne joined AK Jensen Limited as an Associate and was promoted to VP Execution Services in 2007. He assumed his current position as Head of Execution Services in 2009.

Alexandra Iordan
Head of Back Office
AK Jensen Limited

Alexandra holds a Masters in Financial and Portfolio Management from the University of Economic Studies, Bucharest. Prior to AKJ, Alexandra worked as a consultant for EUNITE assisting Western organizations in establishing new local businesses & partnerships.

Alexandra joined AK Jensen Limited in 2006 as an Associate in the Back Office department in Bucharest, and was promoted to Head of Back Office in 2011.

Andrei Amaritei
Head of Systems Development
AK Jensen Group Limited

Andrei holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the University of Bucharest.
Prior to AKJ, Andrei worked for CSO Lanifex GmbH, an Austrian Information Security Management company that delivered complex security solutions to large institutional clients.

Andrei joined AK Jensen Group in 2007 as Head of Systems Development.

Alan Wheatley
Chairman of the Advisory Committee
AK Jensen Limited

In his career, Alan has been Chairman of 3i, Head of Price Waterhouse London, and Deputy Chairman of Cable and Wireless.

Alan joined AK Jensen Limited in 2001 as Chairman of the Advisory Committee.

Antoine Aubertin
Managing Director Switzerland
AK Jensen IM Limited

Antoine held positions in institutional sales for several companies including Dupont Denant S.A. (part of Natixis), and Nivard Flornoy S.A. (a brokerage firm owned by JP Morgan SA) and was previously an independent financial consultant in Switzerland. He holds a BSc in Business Administration majoring in Finance, from Northeastern University (Boston, USA).

Antoine joined AK Jensen Group as Sales Associate in 2001 and assumed the Managing Director Switzerland position of AK Jensen Investment Management Limited in 2017.

Alasdair Younie
AK Jensen Group Limited

Alasdair Younie currently works as a chartered accountant for ICM Limited, a Bermuda based investment adviser, specializing in corporate finance. Prior to this, Alasdair qualified as a chartered accountant with PwC in London where he spent six years within the forensic services department focusing on litigation support and anti-money laundering. He then went on to join the corporate finance department of Arbuthnot Securities, a small and mid cap focused investment bank based in London, where he specialized himself in capital raisings and mergers and acquisitions for a number of listed companies.

Alasdair holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Bristol and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Richard Kilsby
Executive Vice President
AK Jensen Limited

Richard was previously Vice Chairman of the Virt-x stock exchange, CEO of Tradepoint, Director at Instinet and Executive Director at the London Stock Exchange. He was also Managing Director and COO of Global Investment Banking and Head of Finance Europe, as well as Head of Corporate Derivatives at Bankers Trust. He also worked as Vice President at Charterhouse Bank and as a partner at Price Waterhouse.

Richard is a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers and a fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Richard joined AKJ in 2001 as Executive Vice President.



Our organisation

Our localised structure serves your global needs.


AKJ_Diagrammer_AKJ managment (1)




Our history

We couldn‘t predict the future, but we knew how we‘d get there.

Since our earliest days, we have evolved AK Jensen by putting clients first.

In 1995, we founded AK Jensen as a brokerage and became a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers (now FINRA). In its early years, AK Jensen serviced European hedge funds and brokerages trading into the United States.

1996. Building our infrastructure

Before long these same clients asked for help to access the notoriously fragmented European markets. With each request, we created new infrastructure to help them trade in the newly requested market and developed intelligent software to manage institutional order flow. As new exchanges were added, our order routing system (AKJ ExNet™), grew into a powerful and sophisticated tool.

2001. Increased market connectivity in global markets

By late 2000 we were providing market connectivity and order routing in a large number of global markets using our proprietary technology. Our focus was on attracting institutional clients and hedge funds through efficient and extensive connectivity, while maintaining our independence and flexibility. AK Jensen integrated a wide range of trading systems and products with AKJ ExNet™, tapped global pools of liquidity, and focused on straight-through processing.

2004: Establishing the AKJ Network™

In 2004, Transaction Network Services (NYSE:TNS), one of the world’s major FIX communication providers, took a stake in the company and together we established the AKJ Network™.

2012: The birth of AKJ Accelerator™

By late 2011, we were in a unique position. The regulatory landscape was changing, and the company was providing all the components required for a tier-one hedge fund in the new environment. Realising our first-mover advantage in Europe, we began focusing on attracting emerging hedge fund managers using our scale, established systems, industry-leading connectivity, and a specialist legal and regulatory umbrella.

In June 2012, AK Jensen launched its first fund in Malta – and AKJ Accelerator™ was born.

2016: A global player

Today, AK Jensen is a leading hedge fund platform provider through AKJ Accelerator™ and serve institutional clients on the AKJ Network™. Clients are served through AK Jensen Group Limited (our software and parent company), AK Jensen Limited (our European brokerage and small authorised UK investment manager subsidiary), AK Jensen Investment Management Limited (our UK AIFM), AKJ Simplon RICC Limited (our main fund vehicle in Malta), and AK Jensen Inc. (our US subsidiary). Together, under the AK Jensen brand, these companies provide legal and regulatory infrastructure that supports AKJ Accelerator™, software and technology, connectivity solutions and executions for more than 100 exchanges worldwide.

A global sales force

AK Jensen’s global sales force serves a wide range of clients in 37 countries. Whether our client is a major investment bank, a hedge fund, brokerage, asset manager or professional investor, we continue to put their needs first and to set new standards for global trading.




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